JMIX WO-MOMO is a natural W/O emulsifier that is highly versatile and can stably emulsify a wide range of oils. It is possible to produce W/O cosmetics characterized by a non-greasy, refreshing feel. It can emulsify a wide range of oils, from silicone oils to polar oils such as organic UV absorbers, to produce products with excellent stability over time.


Quaternium-90 Bentonite


  • Various liquid oils can be blended.
  • Smooth, non-sticky feel
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Thickening agent function
  • Reduced manufacturing costs and simplified manufacturing process



Emulsification technology: Glycerin-based activator capable of emulsifying major oil components such as esters, hydrocarbons, and vegetable oils. (*Origin: coconut, palm, sunflower, rapeseed, soybean)

Stabilization Technology] Organic modified clay minerals with a card house structure are blended to produce formulations with stability and good usability.


After JMIX® WO-MOMO and any oils are uniformly mixed, the uniformly dissolved water system is gradually added with stirring. After the entire aqueous system is added, the active performance of the activator is fully demonstrated by increasing the rotation speed, and the size of the emulsified particles becomes uniform. (Recommended mixing: JMIX® WO-MOMO 5~6% oil system: water system = 3:7)

Examples of formulations using these ingredients