Flow of introducing

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Flow of introducing

Flow of introducing

This is the basic flow of introducing JC Dermatology Laboratory's products.


Inquiry and sample request

First of all, please let us know what you are considering by filling out the inquiry form or calling us. Our representative will contact you by e-mail or phone. If you would like to request samples at the same time, please feel free to contact us. We will either send them to you or our representative will give them to you when we visit you.


Hearing of your request

At the meeting, we will hear the customer's requests, issues, and objectives. We can hold meetings not only in person, but also online via the Internet, so please consult with us.


Proposal of ingredients and submission of quotation

Based on the customer's story, a researcher from the JC Dermatology Laboratory will propose the most suitable ingredients. We can also propose the most suitable formulation according to the customer's needs and situation.


Technical Support

If requested by the customer, we will provide technical advice in accordance with the concept of the cosmetic product to be developed. Our technical experts will provide advice not only on how to use ingredients and formulate formulations, but also on emulsification techniques, solubilization, the ratio of oil and water phases, and the desired size of emulsified particles.



Once you have completed the development of your cosmetic products and have decided to use JC Dermatology Laboratory's products, please place an order.