Our Strengths

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Our Strengths

Our Strengths

JC Dermatology Laboratory uses functional cosmetic ingredients
with our proprietary advanced emulsification technology to improve the efficiency of cosmetics development.

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Development capability of high functional ingredients

We provide "CosmeParts®" to the cosmetics industry. We are conscious of developing cosmetic ingredients that are beneficial to OEM cosmetics manufacturers, who are particularly concerned about the speed of development and differentiation of formulations.
We also have high technology in emulsification, which enables us to provide cosmetic ingredients with the high stability, usability, and effectiveness required by our customers. Our researchers at the JC Dermatology Laboratory, which specializes in emulsification technology, research surface chemistry and develop raw materials on a daily basis.

Our commitment to natural derived ingredients

We are committed to using natural and plant derived ingredients, and we develop our products in consideration of the environment as a company, as well as the future of end users who will directly apply our ingredients to their skin decades from now.
While using the power of nature, we commercialize products that have been refined using logic based on our experience in formulation development and state of the art technology. We draw out the individual characteristics of natural ingredients and provide our customers with products that combine them in the most appropriate form.

Proposals and support for cosmetics development

We offer formulation proposals using "Cosme Parts®," high functional ingredients, as well as advice and support on emulsification technology, to meet the challenges of our customers' cosmetics development.
In formulation development, we provide advice on how to formulate formulations, including the order and volume of ingredients.
In emulsification and solubilization, our cosmetics development specialists provide advice on the size of emulsion particles and the type and ratio of oil and aqueous phases to suit the customer's cosmetics development objectives.
We also propose appropriate efficacy evaluation tests on various promotion themes to offer possibilities for your products, and provide evidence for your product promotion themes in the form of numerical and visual data by conducting in vitro and ex vivo evaluations.