We will exhibit at CITE JAPAN 2019, the 9th Cosmetics Industry Technology Expo.

We will exhibit at “The 9th Cosmetics Industry Technology Exhibition CITE JAPAN 2019”, which will be held at Yokohama Pacifico from May 15 (Wed.) to 17 (Fri.), 2019.


We will also be making a technical presentation, so please stop by our booth as well as the technical presentation.

Booth: No,B6-1

Exhibit items: “CosmeParts

BaseParts (Premixes for O/W and W/O cosmetics)

ColorParts (pigment dispersions for base makeup and point makeup)

FunctionParts (Dispersions of fine titanium dioxide particles, dispersions of fine zinc oxide particles, whitening agents)

ConceptParts (ingredients related to epidermis, dermis and intercellular lipids)


Technical Presentation

May 15 (Wed.) 12:55-13:25

Introduction of CosmeParts: Multifunctional Premix Ingredients Born from the Ideas of Cosmetic Manufacturers”.

Section No. B-5